Next Meeting Information

DECEMBER 9, 2021, 7:00 PM –    This will be a ZOOM only meeting, due to the resurgence of COVID in Lawton.

1. PROGRAM: “CELEBRATE WHAT’S RIGHT WITH THE WORLD” by DeWitt Jones. This is a beautiful and inspiring program by a world renown photographer and motivational speaker. It’s a refreshing way to end a troubled year by recognizing that despite all the misery and negativism in the last year, that the world is filled with beauty and wonderful people. You will enjoy this 21-minute program and it will surely brighten your day.   


2.  PHOTO SHOW AND TELL: There will be a photo Show and Tell at this meeting. If you would like to share one or two photos, just send them to: no later than two days before the meeting. Send your photos as .jpg, if possible.


WWPS members will receive a zoom invitation with access code by email about 1 week before the meeting.  If you don’t get an invitation, you can request one by emailing us at



None this month.

———– DUES ———–

You do not have to pay dues or have a membership card to attend regular monthly meetings. Everyone is welcome. Meetings are free and open to the public without cost or obligation.

However, many great benefits are available to those who pay dues. Membership cards will be issued to dues-paid members and are required to: borrow library items, borrow equipment, attend free special workshops, attend free field trips, display in the WWPS tent at the AFA Festival, use our matting/framing room and free supplies, etc.

Dues are: Individual-$10, family-$15, plus we ask that you volunteer at least 10 hours each year to help with our club events. Your volunteering earns funding for our club, and that’s how we are able to keep dues so low!


———– LIBRARY ———–

The following people have library items overdue:

None, thank you!

Returning items: Do not wait until the next meeting to return items. Use our 24-hour drop box, located in the mail slot in the garage door at 323 NW 35th Street., one block north of Comanche County Hospital on 35th Street.



Volunteering is the price we all pay to enjoy the benefits of WWPS, so please pitch in and help

We need YOU to help make presentations to clubs, civic groups, schools, churches, etc. You can use our pre-prepared PowerPoint presentation “Tips for Taking Great Photos”. It’s really simple to do.

If you make a presentation, display your photographs anywhere, teach a class to one or more people, or anything similar, let us know because our club gets funding for presentations done by our members. Contact a WWPS officer for more info.