Next Meeting Information

Next meeting- 12 October 2023, 7:00 pm at Boulevard Church, directly across Gore Blvd from Eisenhower High School.


Most digital cameras and smart phones have video capabilities, but many people don’t use them to their full potential. Cindy McIntyre will show the impact video can have on visual storytelling. She will show how to go beyond stills to capture action, sounds, behaviors, and the “you were there” experience. She will give tips she has often learned the hard way, as well as insights into making better videos. Many of her wildlife and nature videos are made from the driver’s seat of her car, with the camera mounted on the window. Others are made on a tripod with a fluid head to avoid jerkiness seen in handheld recordings. Come learn how to use video to enhance your photography.

2. SHOW AND TELL. There will be a photo Show and Tell at this meeting. If you would like to share one or two photos, just send them to:   no later than two days before the meeting. Send your photos as .jpg if possible.

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