Show and Tell

At each monthly meeting, there is a “Show and Tell” photograph display. This gives members a chance to show others some of their photographs and to tell a little about them. It’s fun to see what others are doing. We enjoy hearing the background of what inspired the photographer to take that particular photo, what camera setting they may have used, etc.

Sometimes we’ll have a theme for the month and members can photograph to the theme. The idea is to get members to think beyond their usual ideas and photograph something different and creative that matches the theme word of the month. A theme word may be announced at some meetings and will be mentioned in the emailed meeting announcement, and posted in the upcoming meeting section of this website.

Bring a photo to the meeting, and we’ll all vote on our favorite image. The winner will receive a very nice “WWPS People’s Choice” ribbon. Hint: the winning print is usually an interesting and creative image that is well presented (good composition, exposure, focus, etc).

Rules: Simply,

  • The photo can be of ANY size, and does NOT have to be framed.
  • The image could even be displayed on a digital device like a tablet or cell phone.
  • The photograph should be in good taste.
  • Anyone attending the meeting is allowed to participate and win. .

NOTE:  For meetings conducted via ZOOM, send your images via email TWO DAYS PRIOR TO THE NEXT MEETING as .jpg files to