What is a Photographer?

shared by Gil Helland

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A photographer is an individual who sees beauty in the mundane. A photographer is an individual who walks at a slow pace, experiences life fully and vividly, and can capture fleeting moments with precision and poise.

A photographer is an individual who is always grateful to be alive, to have a pair of eyes, and to be able to visually decipher complexity in the world.

A photographer isn’t graded by how many cameras, lenses, awards, or books he/she has. Rather— a photographer is graded only be him/herself. A photographer never judges his/her work by how many likes they get on social media— a photographer judges him/herself based on how much personal satisfaction their photos bring them.

A photographer is one who takes visual risks. A photographer pushes to see the world in a unique and idiosyncratic way. A photographer tries to find novel combinations in the world— whether they be color, light, or shade.

A photographer finds excitement in ordinary places— whether they are at a grocery store, a mall, or in their own homes.

A photographer is always growing, developing, and refining his/her craft. A photographer isn’t satisfied with the work that they have already done— they are constantly pushing themselves to innovate and reinvent themselves. A photographer doesn’t believe in plateaus.

A photographer is one who can look in the mirror and find optimism and beauty in him/herself. A photographer doesn’t blame the external world for its shortcomings; only him/herself.

A photographer knows that the “grass is greener on his/her side”— rather than wanting to be in an “exotic” city like Paris, New York, or Tokyo.

A photographer is someone who makes a personal visual diary of his/her life— and bares their soul in their images.

Anyone can be a photographer, and everyone is a photographer.

You are a photographer— what kind of visual gifts will you present to the world today?

by Eric Kim