Photo Gallery Guidelines

There is a Photo Gallery for WWPS members, with each person having their own folder in the Gallery. Here are the instructions and rules:

  • Photos should be sized such that they are in KBs and not MBs. If you don’t know how to resize your photo, send it and we will resize it. We can also teach you how to do it.
  • Photos should be given a title if possible and the appropriate photographer’s name included for credit.
  • Do not place ads in any pictures and do not submit an entire gallery of pictures to WWPS, like a batch of wedding pictures, for example.
  • Remember that what you submit to WWPS is a representation of you and your work. Please use good judgment in the content of those pictures. Those found to be inappropriate or illegal in content will not be used in this club. If you wonder if it is appropriate for our gallery, then don’t send it.
  • Please state in the email to WWPS that you give permission for WWPS to use your picture(s) on our website, in our newsletters, and/or in our meetings.
  • Picture(s) must be submitted to WWPS by emailing to:

Here’s what happens when WWPS receives your picture(s):

  • Picture(s) will be reviewed for content and anything deemed inappropriate or illegal will not be used.
  • Picture(s) will be reviewed for size requirements. Remember that large pictures, like those 1MB or above can cause problems to members trying to view them on the website and/or newsletters of WWPS.
  • Picture(s) will then be evaluated for use on the website, in the newsletter, and/or meetings of WWPS. To manage our storage space, we may not be able to use all the photographs you send in. For now, please limit the number of pictures you submit to WWPS to two pictures per month. As WWPS refines the process for Photo Galleries, this number may be increased. 
  • Picture(s) selected will then be used in our group as described above.

Any questions or comments on these new Photo Gallery Guidelines can be sent to