Photo Submission Guidelines

Photo Submissions to the Wichita Wildlight Photographic Society

For all pictures submitted to WWPS:

  • Photos should be sized to 1000 pixels on the long side.  If you don’t know how to resize a photo, send it and we will resize it.  However, we expect you to learn how to do it yourself in the future.  We will provide training on how to resize photos if you ask. Take note that any pictures posted on Facebook will have already been resized by Facebook and there is no need for you to resize it.
  • Photos should be given a title and the photographer’s name included for credit.
  • Do not place ads in any photos. 
  • Do not submit an entire gallery of photos to WWPS, like a batch of wedding pictures, for example. We are looking for a variety of images from you.
  • Remember that what you submit is a representation of you and WWPS. Please use good judgment. We will not post images that are inappropriate or illegal in content (obscene, racist, lewd, hate-based, nudes, etc). Remember, we have members who are children. If you wonder if it is appropriate for our gallery, then don’t send it.
  • Photos submitted and used by WWPS will not be archived by us.  So, keep a safe copy of your images for yourself. 
  • The WWPS Photo Gallery Moderator or WWPS officers have the right to not post photos or to remove photos that are not in compliance with the above rules.
  • Pictures submitted to WWPS for use in the “Show & Tell” portion of the meetings or from posts you make on the group’s Facebook page will be considered as giving us permission to use your pictures on our Slide Show webpage, General Gallery webpage, or in our newsletter.

Each WWPS member is permitted to have a personal photo gallery. Here are the instructions and rules:

  • Follow and adhere to the guidelines as listed above, with the exception of the last bulleted item.
  • The number of photos in each member’s gallery is limited to 200.

To submit your photos to us:

You can send an email to us at with your photo submissions and we ask that you use the following in the subject line to your email:

  • For the general gallery, use “General Gallery”.
  • For your personal gallery, use “Member Gallery”.
  • For Show and Tell submissions, use “Show and Tell”.
  • For general comments and suggestions, use “Comments and Suggestions for WWPS”.