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The photography club of Lawton, Oklahoma - all photographers welcome

Wichita Wildlight Photographic Societyof Lawton, OK

Dedicated to people interested in any aspect of photography. Serving Lawton, OK and the surrounding area since 1991.

Enjoying the art and fun of photography
Sharing knowledge and learning
Improving our photographic skills
Supporting the arts and community

WWPS meets the second Thursday of each month, 7:00 PM, at Boulevard Church in Lawton, Ok (5309 W. Gore Blvd), directly across Gore Blvd from Eisenhower High School. Meetings are open to the public without charge or obligation.

Guests are always welcome- no invitation needed, just show up!

Facebook: Wichita Wildlight Photographic Society


WWPS is a member group of Lawton Arts for All (

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----------- UPCOMING EVENTS -----------

Next Meeting:-December 12, 2019 at 7:00 PM

1. PROGRAM: “How To Use a Monopod” by Clem Wehner
Do you know how to properly use a monopod? Most photographer don’t. Clem will show you how and why to use a monopod to stabilize your camera when you don’t have a tripod and need to keep the camera very still. Contrary to what most people think, you don’t just put the camera on top of the monopod and hold it vertically. There are specific ways a monopod is intended to be used that make it a very stable platform to shoot from, using your feet and legs as part of the method. But what if you don’t have a monopod with you? Clem will show you some alternatives to stabilizing your camera using simple objects. You’ll say, “why didn’t I think of that?” Don’t miss this class.

2. POT LUCK DINNER- Come enjoy a pot luck dinner as we enjoy each other's company.
Volunteers are:
Veggies: Sally Frasier, Ray Dryz, Pamela Alexander
Salad: Kathy Gray, Nancy Alexander, Laura Bennett, Marilyn Rumsey
Dessert: Jennifer Naburn, Anita Page, Fran Lohr
Drinks and Ice: Annable Valencia, Lea Statler

3. GIFT EXCHANGE- There will be a "Dirty Santa" gift exchange. If you wish to participate, bring a wrapped gift, either new or used. Even white elephant junk items from your attic can be exchanged and often become the most fun and sought after exchange items. If you buy something, don't spend more than $10 or so.

4. PHOTO CHALLENGE: - There will NOT be a photo challenge at the upcoming meeting.

5. The last winner of the photo challenge was Laura Bennett

--------SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS -----------


You do not have to pay dues or have a membership card to attend regular monthly meetings. Everyone is welcome. Meetings are free and open to the public without cost or obligation.

However, many great benefits are available to those who pay dues. Membership cards will be issued to dues-paid members and are required to: borrow library items, borrow equipment, attend free special workshops, attend free field trips, display in the WWPS tent at the AFA Festival, use our matting/framing room and free supplies, etc.

Dues are due in January of each year- Individual-$10, family-$15, plus we ask that you volunteer at least 10 hours each year to help with our club events. Your volunteering earns funding for our club, and that's how we are able to keep dues so low!

----------- LIBRARY -----------

The following people have library items overdue:

None, thank you!

Returning items: Do not wait until the next meeting to return items. Use our 24-hour drop box, located in the mail slot in the garage door at 323 NW 35th st., one block north of Comanche County Hospital on 35th st.

----------- OTHER INFORMATION -----------

Volunteering is the price we all pay to enjoy the benefits of WWPS, so please pitch in and help

We need YOU to help make presentations to clubs, civic groups, schools, churches, etc. You can use our pre-prepared PowerPoint presentation "Tips for Taking Great Photos". It's really simple to do.

If you make a presentation, display your photographs anywhere, teach a class to one or more people, or anything similar, let us know because our club gets funding for presentations done by our members. Contact a WWPS officer for more info.